Richard Carrier: Is Obama a War Criminal?

Richard Carrier sets the facts straight for those of you who are under the false impression that Obama has done something illegal.  In fact, this false claim can fall under the same claims that we hear all the time without any shred of reason or verisimilitude.  Claims like ‘Obama is a practicing muslim’ or ‘Obama is like Hitler’ or any other radical, incredulous statement.  Here is a snippet:

There has been much said of late (by both liberals andconservatives, even on the usually well-informed Daily Show) to the effect that Obama is a war criminal, because his aerial assault on Libya was unconstitutional and had no legal standing. Simply because he didn’t get congressional permission first. This keeps getting repeated, by members of congress no less (who of all people ought to know better),  even though it’s obviously false to anyone actually aware of the law (much less its precedents: Reagan and Clinton both did exactly the same thing, multiple times, despite being icons of an “ideal president” for both the right and the left).

On the Libya attack being constitutional (and legal) and no different from actions even Reagan and Clinton took: if you doubt this, then read the sound and accurate analysis of the law by Erik Uliasz, “Is President Obama’s Attack on Gaddafi’s Forces In Libya Unconstitutional?,” which carries particular weight since Uliasz is morally opposed to Obama’s action and thus has every reason to sing the popular tune rather that admit, begrudgingly, that Obama obeyed the law, to the letter.

via Richard Carrier Blogs: Is Obama a War Criminal?.

Definitely read on.  Even if you’re morally opposed to what he has done. or war in general, or democrats in general, or politics overall (whichever), one has to admit that he has, in fact, done everything right, as far as the law goes.  He should, after all he went to law school!


4 Responses

  1. No doubt and I agree. My contention, however, is that he is applying the Obama Doctrine without equality. Further, by his own words, he shouldn’t have struck at Libya without Congressional consultation.

    What he did was legal, but it wasn’t right.

    BTW, my exegesis is almost complete. I’ll post it when I am finished

  2. I’m a bit peeved by Republicans that want to use the issue as a way to get in to the good graces of populist, who don’t really comprehend what is at stake here. Of course a lot of this is O’s fault, since he was so sure that a President had to seek Congress approval before this incident, but now in office realizes that having to bribe congress for approval before under taking a time sensitive global crisis is impractical. Hopefully the voting public will remember this the next time a politician promises this sort of B.S.

  3. Maybe we should ask ourselves why Russia and China abstained from voting on the UN resolution. Two permanent security council members abstained their vote as well as three others, to include Germany, India and Brazil=BRIC + Germany. Are we seeing the dicotomy yet? No, Obama is not a war criminal; but he’s definitely on shaky and shifting legal grounds, and with this action, a definite polarity is emerging internationally.

  4. […] Richard Carrier: Is Obama a War Criminal? […]

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