Margaret Barker Responds on Lead Tablets

So not only has Philip been misquoted, but Margaret Barker has also been misquoted.  I wrote her an email last night and she responded promptly, giving me permission to repost here:

Alas, I was not quoted correctly. I am discovering all sorts of things that I am supposed to have said.

My points are that they are codices and not scrolls, and ‘what are they forgeries of’ if they are forgeries.

Everything else is media generated.

No known Xn (Christian – ed.) iconography from the first generation,   code was used in some Dead Sea Scrolls, also the old script.

General answer is ‘nobody knows yet what they are’.

best wishes

On top of that Daniel O. McClellan has informed us that the email from Peter Thonemann, posted over at Daniel O. McClellan’s blog, is indeed authentic.  This severely hurts the case for the tablets authenticity and makes Elkington look even more suspect.  So there you have it.  The news media cannot be trusted and unfortunately those who don’t have access to the information are the ones suffering most.  See the other updates as well as the rest of the roundup here.

6 Responses

  1. […] recently came across a blog post by Thomas Verenna that shares an email he sent to Margaret Barker about her recent quotes which have been appearing […]

  2. Excellent work — thank you. I’ve been revising the wikipedia article (Jordan lead tablets) and linking to your research.

  3. […] which were not necessary, but more work needs to be done–the actual article is a credit to Roger Pearse who has done a great job with explaining the situation overall).  I believe this indeed might be […]

  4. The Books were originally discovered by a Bedouin from Shibli Village. Whilst trading hay along the Jordanian /Israeli Border he had a chance meeting with a taxi driver. whom he later bought the codices from. He travelled quite freely with them first to Israel and later to Europe. Mr Elkington was paid by the Bedouins to assist with the research after they learnt that the symbols on the works may have some meaning. He was also paid to have them authenticated.During the year the books remained accessible to Mr Elkington and Mr Feather in their UK homes no steps were taken to return to the works to any authority. After research on the books proved in-conclusive the Bedouins were handed back the books and returned home.

  5. photos to follow

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