Quote of the New Fiscal Year: James McGrath

James posted an excellent overview of the Top Biblioblogs for the month of March, yet his best feature of the post was this great paragraph:

The biblioblogging community should be proud. It seems that yet again the collective effort of scholars and other interested parties with blogs has shed more light on an issue than the media or any one individual managed to, and has done so quickly and effectively. The next time someone asks “Why blog?” I will mention this as an example of the sort of thing that makes blogging worthwhile for all.

This is precisely the value of what a dedicated community of amateurs and experts with a focus in the field can accomplish.  The news broke about the tablets a few weeks ago, but in less time than that, the community, through a concerted effort to narrow down the facts (and perhaps boost our blog hits in a feeble attempt to best Jim West’s Alexa rankings) and isolated the speculation and really came together–even those who would have otherwise perhaps benefited from the authenticity of the tablets stepped up and honestly, courageously shot them down.  That is impressive.  We have such an excellent group of bloggers from all creeds and all walks of life and it is quite a beautiful thing indeed to see the sorts of unification that comes from that, especially in times like these where the media is such a daunting and impregnable force online, mainly because of how quickly memes can spread.  It really makes me feel honored to be a part of a community such as this.  Thanks to everyone who worked hard, and continue to work hard, towards making the true status and facts known about this investigation.


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