Were the Lead Codices Just Sold to an Israeli Antiquities Dealer?

According to this source (I am uncertain about the accuracy of the account; it’s as of now unconfirmed–h/t to Dave Meadows for the link) the lead codices might have been sold to an Israeli antiquities dealer.

Jordanian Official: Ancient Manuscripts Discovered In Jordan Sold On Black Market To Israel Dealer

Dr. Ziyad Al-Sa’d, director-general of Jordan’s antiquities authority, yesterday told a press conference that the Jordanian government had information that first-century BC manuscripts discovered in a cave in the north of the country were several years ago sold on the black market to an Israeli antiquities dealer.

The Israeli then showed them to a British archeologist from Cambridge, who notified the Jordanian antiquity authorities.

Al-Sa’d noted that the manuscripts were vitally important, and could shed new light on the source of Christianity and the New Testament. He added that the Jordanian antiquities authority would take all steps to regain its stolen property.

Source: Factjo,com, April 3, 2011; Al-Dustour, Jordan, April 4, 2011

via The MEMRI Blog – Full Blog Entry.

2 Responses

  1. […] Not that I am doing any of the research which is exposing the scam; just linking to those like Tom Verenna who are emailing the key figures in the story.  Tags: Eusebius, From my […]

  2. I suspect this is merely a reference to Hassan Saeda, and a narrative to explain how he came into possession of them.

    You know, do we know that Elkington is behind this? Or Feather? Or are they both dupes of Saeda? Are they simply people whose enthusiasm got the better of them?

    Why don’t you write to these gentlemen, and ask THEM whether they would like to comment, and whether they could have been set up by Hassan Saeda?

    Someone here is running a scam. The trails, and the contradictory stories, all seem to lead back, past Elkington, to Hassan Saeda.

    Thank you for the kind mention of my name, by the way.

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