Hateful Bile of the Day Award Goes to…

…this person (cowardly anonymous commenter).  Who writes (and I quote):

You are by far the most ignorant person on the entire planet. I think you just wanted to use the word dillettante. I hope that if God does save the world you suffer the most horrible awful painful death anyone can every imagine. People like you are the reason that there are problems. You ridicule people or their beliefs because you are an arrogant peice of shit that has nothing better to do than put other people down. No matter how successful you may be, you are still a worthless pos in the worlds eyes. At least, anyone that truly matters. Your response may be something like, “how can you talk about ridiculing people’s beliefs when you are doing it yourself?” and you are right. I shouldn’t even bother with you because you are a waste of life. A waste of breath. You will burn in He’ll forever. You are the one who needs help because you cannot think outside of the box. You cannot think anything other than what you have learned which makes you weak in your mind. You are not intelligent at all. Smart, but not intelligent. You will never discover something to help people because all of your knowledge is just regergitated information. There’s nothing special about your thoughts whatsoever. You are a sinking ship. You will soon drown in sorrow as your life dips into a slow painful drop where you cease to feel any joy at all. Hope for your recovery is over you by good people. However, my thoughts, eat shit fucker.

Apparently it came to my blog searching for Bible passages that mention Osama bin Laden and came across my blog post calling such people dilettantes.  Need I say more?


One Response

  1. Nice rant.

    Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where the girl launches into Jerry because years ago they had a date and he promised to call her but never did.

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