Hamby’s Blog: Osama’s Missing Body

I enjoyed this brief challenge to fundamentalist conservatives (I would note that Hamby is not making any claims here, simply stating a fault in logical thought).  Here is a snippet:

All of a sudden, you are skeptics.  It happened within a week, but you’re digging for any reason — any reason at all — to doubt the authenticity of Bin Laden’s death.  Even when the highest authority available has sworn it to be true.  Even though the people who were sheltering him have corroborated the account.  Even though DNA experts have corroborated the account.  Even though the cost of lying would be enormous for the U.S.  (Imagine if Bin Laden released a time stamped video next week!)

And yet, you believe Jesus existed even though there is no body, no corroboration, no contemporary evidence whatsoever, and his “biography” is from an anonymous author decades after the alleged event.

I’m sorry, but that is one of the most preposterous double standards I’ve ever seen.  Hypocrite much?

via Osama’s Missing Body.

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