A Dead Liturgical 4-day Giveaway – James R. Davila | Unsettled Christianity

I’m passing this along because I really want this book.  But you should do this anyway; promoting top notch scholarship is quite important since, as Joel notes, there are more books by Joel Olsteen than actual scholars in most public libraries.  Follow these steps to get in the lineup!

1.) Contact your local library and ask them to get a copy of this book in. Note, I cannot and will not actually check on this, so you know, send an email to them or call them or something asking them to get the book.

This is important. Look, I’ll be honest, I won’t know if you don’t, but contacting your local library helps to get scholarship into the library system replacing the likes of Joel Osteen and others whom I know you dislike as well. Putting real scholarship into local libraries is a push for me because I’ve seen what a bad religion/theology section is and I don’t like it. I would rather you contact your county library (or parish) and get them to get a few copies.

2.) Leave a comment – as many comments as you want. Each comment is an entry. That’s right. Leave as many, throughout the month, as you want. Leave one…leave one hundred. No biggie. I don’t care about the substance…

Since some had confusion last time… it could be one word or couple of words in German for all I care. The point of this is to annoy me with pithy or silly comments. You could post the Republican Party platform for all I care or the Libertarian…

3.) The point of this is to get the word out about these books, so post it on your blog for a pingback/trackback. Those count too.

4.) As a side note, if you could, once you’ve read the book, leave a review on Amazon.com or at the very least, your blog.

via A Dead Liturgical 4-day Giveaway – James R. Davila | Unsettled Christianity.


2 Responses

  1. This is a, cool idea yes, but a much needed one. I guess the state of the religion/theology section of any public library is as bad as the one I have in my town. Thankfully, I have a university library with a fantastic religion section! I’ve thought of donating my personal books to our public library. But I’m not willing to do so just yet. This however is a great idea!

  2. Feel free to comment, Ernesto.

    But yes, I was inspired with this idea because of our poor religious section in the local library which seems to skip from 1940 to Joel Osteen.

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