‘152-Facebook-Friends-on-Arm’ Tattoo is a Hoax

You’ve all seen the video by now.  A girl goes into a tattoo parlor and a rather attractive artist appears to be tattooing 152 profile pictures from facebook onto the girls arm.  Well, if you fell for this, like millions of other Americans (and the news media, who has once again shown itself to be completely inept at fact-checking) you were duped by a hoax.

That story about a woman who had 152 of her Facebook friends’ photos tattooed on her arm, a kind of “Facebook sleeve” — shared in a YouTube video that went viral, including here? It’s a hoax, a fraud.

But kudos to Suzanne Choney for admitting that she made a mistake:

The only thing these folks had up their sleeves was no good. Shame on them. But shame on us in the news media (and me) for biting on this one so quickly.

via Technolog – Facebook 152-friends-on-arm tattoo is a lie.

How powerful is the social media and the advancement of youtube videos?  It cannot be dismissed anymore.  If you put something in a video and it remotely attracts any sort of social meme interest, it automatically becomes “true”.  And how does one think the Academy will fare when more movies like Zeitgeist are released, or movies about aliens building the pyramids, or Noah’s flood?  Or the united monarchy under David and Solomon?   People today get their ideas about the past from 5 minute video clips and easily edited Wikipedia pages.

A storm is brewing and the Academy needs to start preparing before it loses whatever grasp on the data is has left.


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