Searching for Muses: Alexander the Great on Jesus?

Yes, someone legitimately searched for ‘alexander the great quotes on jesus‘ and got to my blog.  First, I really hope that they were not searching for quotes from Alexander the Great on the figure of Jesus.  I really, really, really hope they weren’t.  In fact, I’m going to delude myself into thinking people aren’t that ignorant and those just happened to be the words people threw together searching for some obscure subject or another.

But just in case, there is absolutely no way this search, assuming it is for quotes from Alexander on Jesus, will yield any useful results.  And this is so for a few reasons:

  1. Alexander the Great, as far as we know, didn’t write anything.  So we have no quotes, whatsoever, from Alexander.  We have lots of information from his Generals, from contemporary evidence, but nothing from Alexander himself.
  2. Jesus, assuming he existed on this earthly realm, is traditionally said to have been born c. 7-3 BCE.  Alexander the Great died in 323 BCE.  That is a difference of 316 years.  So, yeah, the reason why this search will not be useful is because Alexander was DEAD before Jesus is traditionally supposed to have been born!  To put that into some perspective, it would be like searching for quotes from Mustafa (from the year 1695 CE!) on Snookie from the Jersey Shore.  Yeah, ain’t gonna happen.

But good luck with that…

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