A Peer Reviewed Biblioblog? A Discussion

Steve Caruso posted an interesting thought on the July top Biblioblogs ranking per the Reference Library:

1) I want to get some discussion going about starting an actual, peer-reviewed Biblioblog journal. I know that there has been a lot of talk about this in the past, but nothing has really come of it. Now, given the demonstrated wealth of information that the Biblioblogosphere has shown, I think is the time to seriously consider what’s possible and how we can highlight, showcase and reward genuinely good work.

I’m already putting into place within the Library a means for individuals to submit articles for consideration by simply tagging them with a specific keyword.

I have already contacted him in support of the idea.  But there should also be some dialog on the issue throughout the community.  As of now I see two challenges that must be met, though I am sure more will come to me as the discussion moves along:

(1) How are we going to ‘compete’ with open access online journals?

(2) What separates a Biblioblog from a journal and what are the benefits of submitting it to a blog over such a journal?

There are other considerations as well; for example, will the submission process rely upon a rigor associated with  standards for other peer review journals?   I would be interested to hear what the community has to say.  There may also be some outside discussion as to what, yet again, constitutes a Biblioblog (so that one knows whether or not they meet criteria to submit in the first place).


3 Responses

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  2. […] work can be done.  Steve Caruso has called for an “actual, peer-reviewed Biblioblog journal,” Tom Verenna has also asked some good questions about the idea.  I hope that this idea moves beyond “suggestion” to some form of reality.  An […]

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