Archaeologists Hack Kinect to Produce New 3-D Tool

Pretty awesome!  I can only imagine the applications this sort of tool could be used for!

The hacked “ArKinect” casts a pattern of infrared dots on people and objects so that it can map them in 3-D, just as it typically captures the full-body motions of gamers playing on the Xbox 360. It can already digitize people and small objects such as ancient weapons or pottery, but researchers at the University of California in San Diego hope their device can soon capture 3-D scans of entire buildings or neighborhoods.

“We are hoping that by using the Kinect we can create a mobile scanning system that is accurate enough to get fairly realistic 3-D models of ancient excavation site,” said Jurgen Schulze, a research scientist at the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology.

via Archaeologists hack Kinect into 3-D scanner – Technology & science – Innovation –

I wonder if Bob Cargill knows about this…


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