Landon Hedrick on Mythicists and Peer Review

Landon Hendrick has a great post about mythicism and peer review and makes an excellent point, often overlooked by many in the mythicist community.  Here is a snippet:

Now, I don’t think that they should start writing papers in defense of mythicism (presenting, for example, a summary of the overall case) for journal submissions. Doing that is bound to fail for the simple fact that you can’t make much headway on that topic in a journal article. Consider the fact that Earl Doherty made his comprehensive case in an 800+ page book. A journal article on that broad topic would likely end up being pretty superficial and unconvincing. And besides that, Earl Doherty seems to think that the scholars in charge of peer review wouldn’t accept a paper on this topic anyway. So that’s not the route I’d recommend.

So my advice would instead be to write scholarly papers on narrow topics which will, if accepted, help support your overall case. All mythicists likely take particular stands on issues which are controversial, so convincing the rest of the scholars that you’re right about those things will go a long way toward helping them to see that you’re right about the big picture as well. Once they see the individual pieces of your case come together in a series of well-written scholarly papers, they’ll be more likely to take mythicism more seriously. And that means they’ll be more likely to read your books and interact with your arguments.

via Landon Hedrick Blogs: Mythicists Need Peer Review.

Do go and read the whole thing.  I have argued this point over and over again and I’m sure my readers are tired of hearing my voice.  So go read another!

New Galaxy Pictures and a Thought

Just amazing.  This should be completely normal now; we’ve found tons of galaxies.  It’s not atypical to get great shots like this.  But it still boggles my mind that we, us humans, have the capacity to recognize not only that we are a part of this large, vast universe but that we have the drive to continue to explore.  I wonder if someone, on some distant planet, circling some distant star in this galaxy is looking at pictures of our own galaxy, and wondering the same thing.

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