Blogging Hiatus

Just wanted to let my readers know that I will be taking longer pauses between blogging with the fall semester now in full swing.   In the meantime, I have decided to beef up my ‘Procrastination’ links, so feel free to take full advantage of them while waiting.

So feel free to pass time watching all of the videos on NASA’s website (most are awesome), and along that same subject check out Hubble’s image gallery!  Get reacquainted with the Bible in interesting ways by checking out the Brick Testament (the Old and New Testaments done in Lego! Old hat, but still fun) and the LOLCat Bible.


Also here are some other ways to kill time:

  1. Sporcle – Take a study break with these brain-bending (and addictive) quizzes. New ones are added each day.
  2. FailBlog – Have a good time looking at the pictures and videos of when something in life went a little bit wrong.
  3. Today’s Big Thing – Stop trolling the internet for the newest viral video. This site compiles the best of the web each day for you.
  4. Lifehacker – From tips on the newest Droid widgets to advice on how to make your own pimped out lofted bed, Lifehacker shares little facts that make life easier.
  5. Hipster Puppies – This site features new snarky pooches each day, dressed to look like hipsters.
  6. Pogo – From Monopoly to racing games, Pogo has a number of free video games to take your mind off of your work.
  7. FOUND Magazine – Funny shopping lists, strange photos and everything in between, this site showcases a new found item each day.
  8. Facebook Fails – See what people didn’t really mean to say with this compilation of facebook flubs.
  9. Boing Boing – With all the funny pictures, hilarious videos and strange news items you could want, Boing Boing is sure to keep you occupied for hours.
  10. Totally Looks Like – The name says it all. From trash cans that look like R2D2 and zippers that could be piranhas, this site has an endless supply of look-alike photos for your entertainment.

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