Hot off the Press: Biblioblog Reference Library Updates!

According to Steve Caruso, the Biblioblog Reference Library has some exciting updates ahead.  First the announcement of a new version (Beta 3) going live:

Once this goes live, you will have the ability to create a Library ID, which opens up a large number of new features, among them being:

  • The ability to build a public profile for yourself and your academic work.
  • Link that profile to author names and blogs in the archive by claiming them.
  • Customize what claimed blogs and author accounts display on their information pages and how often the Archivist software checks for updates.
  • Create, organize, and share lists of posts (“portals”) of your own.
  • Contribute to specific portals by setting up unique tags.

It’s going to be awesome, and I hope to have it up to use by the end of this month, and fully functional by the end of September.

The Biblioblog Reference Library | Biblioblog Library Anouncements: New Version, New Journal, New Press.

Then the announcement comes after a long wait: The Ephemeris Bibliablogarum! What is this you ask?  It’s the new Biblioblog Journal!  The first of its kind–that I know if–for an online Blog community.

With all of the well-written articles and so much talk about a journal over the past number of years, we’re actually going to do it. The peer review system is going to be fully integrated with Beta 3 of the Library, and will have a bunch of spiffy features that will be revealed over the next month as well, so keep watching this space. It will be published in both traditional paper and digital open-access (via a special section of the website).

And last but not least, a Biblioblog publishing house to look after the Journal!

With a journal, there should be a publishing house to look after it, and The Biblioblog Reference Library Press will fill that role. With a strong peer review and editing process, the Press will publish titles in the Humanities that fall in and around Biblical Studies as a field in both traditional paper and digital formats (Kindle, Nook, iBooks, etc.).

Not everyone in the community will approve, some may worry, others may ponder the implications (as I have done in the past), but none the less, I will be participating.  This is quite exciting news indeed.

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