Call for Submissions: October Biblioblog Carnival

That’s right, yours truly is hosting this month’s carnival.  So be sure to send in your submissions now and jump on the bus early!  To be really generous (and efficient), please send me an email with whatever articles you’ve written that you’d like to submit and Subject it ‘October Submission’ so I can sort them.

Of course, I will be attempting to do a Halloween-themed carnival.

4 Responses

  1. duly noted young fella

  2. […] but far from least, don’t miss Tom Verenna’s announcement that a scary Biblical Studies Carnival is lined up…. The Dunedin School blog has returned just in […]

  3. Hmmm, gotta think of something to write!

  4. Looking forward to it; definitely send me along a link to your posts once you have them up. =)

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