Please consider sending me your favorite posts from this month to include on the Biblical Studies Carnival for November; if not, you risk the chance that it will not appear on it!  I also have a request from all Bibliobloggers; consider writing one Halloween-themed blog post like this one or one of your own making and submit it to me for the carnival.  You can either post it in the comments section of this post or email it to me.  Please do this by Friday!



14 Responses

  1. […] October 25, 2011 by James F. McGrath GA_googleAddAttr("author", "JamesFMcGrath"); Tweet ShareTom Verenna will be hosting the next Biblical Studies Carnival. If you have posted something on a bl…! […]

  2. […] via FINAL CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! And a Request « The Musings of Thomas Verenna. […]

  3. I did a short reflection on some people’s attempts to read a theology of lay ministry directly out of the New Testament texts, which I think might be worth attention.

    And while I’ve been very sporadic in my nlog reading, i would encourage you to note Larry Hurtado’s retrospective on Barr’s Semantics’ 50th anniversary.

    Good luck with all the hard work!

  4. Hi Tom. I got around to a post mid month that summaries several other interesting posts from bloggers

    Also linked to in that post is my new series on psalm snippets – bits and pieces of psalms that I think have a beautiful or otherwise interesting inner structure. My lecture as visiting fellow at the University of Victoria on how I read the psalms is here

  5. Do Eschatological parodies count as biblical studies? –

    if not, please consider any one of these “Halloween” themed posts

  6. I have no Halloween posts, but what RBL publishes is occasionally scary (i.e. Evangelical scholars plagiarizing in their review of a book on Old Testament Ethics).

  7. Do I really need a WordPress account to post a comment here? Anyway, here is my submission for this month:

  8. There are MP3 downloads available of the latest faith and thought symposium in the UK, hwich may well be of interest

  9. Hello, thanks for doing the carnival as I know it is lots of work. I did a series on the date of Mark this month, and the two biggest posts were:

  10. I am sure you will see BLT posts – but this one on Wright’s Romans and the ones on Bellos like are on target for the carnival

  11. Hi. I think my post of the month is “Shattered” and is about where is God when we feel forsaken.

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