Harold Camping Admits he Made a Mistake – After he is $80 Million Richer

That’s right.  Camping admits he “may have” (may have?  Really?) made a mistake and remarks:

Camping does not apologize for the prediction-gone-wrong. He does apologize for saying that people who disbelieved in the May 21 Rapture date would not be saved. He also repeats that it’s a lesson from God, and “sometimes it’s painful to learn.”

via Harold Camping admits he may have made a mistake; promises to continue searching – BlogPost – The Washington Post.

The sickest part about this?

Camping’s followers donated more than $80 million from 2005 to 2009, a CNN report found. Before the May 21 prediction, some followers gave up their life savings and donated their possessions in preparation for the Rapture.

Beliefs can be dangerous.  But more than anything this is evidence that ignorant belief is the most dangerous type of all.  Amazing that Camping retires after his failed predictions with $80 million in his pockets while his followers, those who are to be ‘saved’, are stuck with nothing–and in this terrible economy too.  His followers should seek some form of legal action against this false prophet.

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