‘Is This Not the Carpenter?’ is at SBL San Francisco!

My forthcoming collection of essays, edited with Thomas L. Thompson (book details here), is being featured at the Equinox Publishers table at SBL this year!  Here are some pictures provided by the estimable Jim West:

And here is Jim West holding the book! He has a chapter in it, so be sure to pick it up (if only for that reason)!

And here it is among other excellent books (Including Roland Boer's excellent edited volume 'Secularism and Biblical Studies')!

UPDATE 11/20/11: Joel Watts Sent along this photo!

Thanks to Joel for sending this along!

 UPDATE 11/22/11: Barnes and Noble is offering this book for pre-order at a discounted price!  This book is available normally for $115.  B&N is offering it for only $71 for a limited time!  Pick up a copy at this discounted price now before it is too late!  Click the link below:

[link removed when sale stopped]

UPDATE 12/2/11: Unfortunate the sale is over, but you can still get pre-order the book for $76 through The Book Depository.

5 Responses

  1. That is so awesome dude! Congrats bro!!


  2. Very nice sir!

    I may try and swing a review copy from the publisher. Some of those essays look particularly interesting (esp. the ones by Crossley and Sabih).

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