Richard Carrier’s Blog as Moved

For those who didn’t know, but would like to, Richard Carrier’s blog as moved!  Here is the update and a link to his new blog (so you can update your feeds and blogroll if you so wish–I already have):

Greetings all! Alas I have joined the rebel alliance and launched my blog anew here at the totally godless Freethought Blogs, ubi veritas extrahetur! I won’t be bringing over my archives due to the difficulty of getting all the formatting right, so I have frozen my old blog and left its archives up for reference and posterity. To visit all my past bloggings just jump on over to my old Blogger page. Down the right margin there is a chronological hyperlinked archive followed by a keyword index cloud. I will also end this post with a hyperlinked list of my all-time favorite blog posts.

via Richard Carrier Blogs.


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