Odds and Ends in the Community

Good morning readers (or whatever time of day it is for you, good day)!  Here are some interesting what’s-what around the community:

Over at Bible and Interpretation, there is an article highlighted from 2009 (one of the most visited articles on the site last week) by Bob Cargill on why Christians should adopt the BCE/CE standard over BC/AD.  More recently Richard Carrier argued the opposite.  I know this is an age-old subject and one that has been mulled over a bit, but what do you think?

James Metzger states that we need to treat the Bible the same as any other book.

I’d like to highlight once more Richard Carrier’s forthcoming book on historical criteria and the figure of Jesus.

Apparently the Roman Empire ran on camel power.

Everyone is talking about the SBL Annual Meeting and the call for papers.


One Response

  1. The reason I use BCE/CE and not BC/AD is because it’s inclusive of everyone.

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