Some New Papers/Books in the Works

Between working and school, life, bills, car issues, family issues, I find some time to put aside (miracles do happen after all) for writing papers I’d like to publish somewhere.  Currently, I ‘m working on two papers (though I am finding it difficult to complete them with the limited time I have): one is on the foundation of doubt and the historicity of the figure of Jesus and the other is on the Talpiot Tomb and the James Ossuary.  One I will send to an online publication which I have already submitted an abstract to (and which was subsequently accepted) and the other, well, I’m not sure yet.  I will of course keep everyone posted.

In addition to this, I have been putting off completing a new book proposal (not for lack of interest, but simply because I had the candles lit at both ends for a while there) which I will have to send out to the co-editor of the book and to possible contributors.

And along the new book front, I really need to continue to work on my next personal publication which I’ve started but haven’t had time to work through.

I don’t suspect all have all of this done by the end of the year, but you can expect at least some new publications from me forthcoming and, as it stands, my co-edited volume with Thompson (with over a dozen contributions from top notch scholars) on the figure of Jesus is due out in within the next few months.


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