2012 is Shaping Up to be the Year of Fakes, Frauds, and Sensationalism

First, we had the picture of the Markan manuscript fragment that has widely been debunked as a fake.

Now we have a ‘new’ 1500-year-old Bible with what appears to be gold lettering that just seems all sorts of odd.

And just today, wouldn’t you know, a month and some days away from Easter, a new announcement was made by Simcha and Co.   Oh yes, another ossuary.  This time with a a carving of Jonah the Whale…so it must be related to Jesus and Christians! *ugh*

Now let’s see them tie all their findings together in their Dan Brown-like fashion: the crucifixion nails, the Caiaphas ossuary, the so-called ‘Jesus family tomb’ ossuaries, the tomb itself, and so on.  What is next?  The Ark of the Covenant?


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