The Tomb of Jesus or the Beatles? Mark Goodacre on Talpiot A and B

Fantastic article and very clever.  Check it out on ASOR.  Here is a snippet:

The current discussion of Talpiot Tomb B, the “patio tomb”, has largely centered on the interpretation of the picture on one of the ossuaries.  But Tabor’s and Jacobovici’s argument that this tomb is linked with Jesus and his disciples is related to their earlier claims about Talpiot Tomb A, the “garden tomb”.  The case that this is the Jesus family tomb was made in 2007 in a book, a film and a website.[i]  It was largely based on a claim about statistics — this cluster of names, bearing so close a relationship to the names of members of Jesus’ family, was most unlikely to have occurred by accident.

At the time, I and many others were sceptical of the claim. It appeared to rely on a dubious identification between the name “Mariamēnē” and Mary Magdalene, who was identified as Jesus’ wife, and it failed to take seriously the non-matches in the tomb, especially “Judas son of Jesus”.

In a bid to explain the difficulties, I turned to an analogy that Jacobovici liked to use, an analogy based on the Beatles.[ii]

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  2. Anything based on a lie is a lie.The Holy blood Holy grail pretend that Jesus escaped death on the cross and married Mary Magdalene.Then Da Vinci code pretend a secret marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the real blood (sang re’el) of the grail is inside Mary Magdalene based on the painting of the last supper by Leonardo Da Vinci.Now some persons pretend finding Jesus tomb and bones and their discoveries through the similarity of names,DNA tests and statistics correspond the above fake stories.So we have here two dangerous lies:The real blood and the marriage of Jesus with Mary Magdalene.For the first one the truth is that the real and Holy blood of Jesus is on His forehead and not in the womb of Mary Magdalene.This is revealed in the true story The Coin Of The Temple by Souheil Bayoud.For the second which is the impossibility of marriage of Jesus with Mary Magdalene the truth will be revealed to those writers,scholars,filmmakers and archaeologists when God replace the hairs of their heads with feathers.

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