Photos Missing at the Jesus Discovery Website?

Several colleagues and reported that following Bob Cargill’s post on the issues with the iconography and the problematic digital manipulation of many of the photos displayed there, the Jesus Discovery website has removed several key incriminating photos.  Bob Cargill notes this on his blog with an update:

[UPDATE: Since I published this article on Mar 13, 2012 at 11:49am Central Daylight Time, the website has removed the doctored image below. To fix the missing image, I have replaced it here with the copy of the image I downloaded form the publicly accessible “Press Kit Photos and Graphics” section. However, I have left the original URL of the removed image in the caption for reference. ]

Mark Goodacre suggests that this might reflect the strength of the arguments by Bob Cargill (some pictures included):

It appears that Dr Cargill’s paper is already making an impact.  Not long after it was posted earlier this afternoon, several of the images to which he draws attention disappeared from the Jesus Discovery Website, to be replaced with others.

Jim West offers his comments here.


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