A Request for Easter Thoughts

As Easter approaches there will of course be an innumerable amount of garbage proclaiming to be ‘fact’ about the death and resurrection of Jesus.   Over years past, I have largely ignored this time of year; but this year I’d like to do something different.  I want to hear from you, my readers, and also my fellow bibliobloggers about what they think or believe about the death and resurrection of Jesus.

There are some questions I’d liked to have answered:

1.) What is your overall belief concerning the resurrection?  Do you think it happened?  Don’t believe?  Why or why not?
2.) If you answered above that you believe in the resurrection, what type of resurrection do you think happened?  A bodily resurrection?  A spiritual one?  Purely a theological one?
3.) If you believe in a resurrection, what is your authority on it?  Do you adhere to a particular Gospel tradition?  Combine them all?  Ignore any?  Accept only the epistles about the tradition?  A non-canonical source?
4.) If you do not believe in a resurrection, what is your authority for it?  What would it take for you to be convinced of a resurrection?
5.) If you do not believe in a resurrection, from where do you think the narrative of the passion and Easter originated?
6.) Do you believe that you will one day be resurrected?  In what sense (spiritual, physical?) do you believe this will happen, or conversely do you think it has already happened?

If you would like to include anything else, please consider doing so.  Any caveats or preliminaries or definitions that you think will help clarify your position, I’d like to hear it.

Now you might ask why I’m requesting this.  Frankly, I don’t think we analyze our own belief structures as well as we think we do.  I also think that we can all bring a lot of interesting conversations to the table once we start analyzing our understanding of a particularly prominent religious belief that seems to have many heads.  In doing this, in examining our own interpretations of the Easter tradition, it might not just tell us something about what we believe or reject, but also might tell us a little bit about ourselves.

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