Live Blogging Through ‘The Resurrection Tomb’

Tuning in 9:54 PM.  Live blogging to begin momentarily.

Also see Mark Goodacre’s and Bob Cargill’s live blogging sessions.

So for background you’ll want to search this blog for ‘Jonah ossuary’ and amphorae ossuary.

On ‘strange markings’ on the tomb facade, see Pfann’s excellent discussion here:

On Mariamene see Pfann’s expose on the actual translation:

All of this seeking and looking and ‘research’ is bunk.  It’s just entertainment.  We know in 2007 Simcha found the tomb accidentally so (a) they know where it is and (b) they knew how to get in.   See here:

Also keep in mind they were stating that going in the tomb was bad.  That nobody is supposed to enter it physically.  Just keep that in the back of your mind as the show progresses.

I like how they are already discussing the Christian angle, even before they supposedly get there.

On the symbols: note they are 4th Century (so 300 or so years after Jesus supposedly lived)
(a) Note the orientation of all fish and Jonah iconography!
(b) Robin Jensen, the art historian walking around with Simcha in the film, also disagrees with the interpretation of this documentary,  See here:

They act as though this is all new but they did this before in 2007.

That isn’t a skull, it’s a pelvis.

This is all staged.  They’ve seen these ossuaries before in 2007.

This rosette ossuary is the same filmed in the 2007 doc.

Again the inscription isn’t Mariamene ho Mara!  See link by Pfann above.  Also Mara is a common name on ossuaries!  See Rahmani!  See also here:

10:30 Commercial Break.

Others have noted as I have that they keep talking about Joseph of Arimathea for which there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE!  They are just pulling this whole conclusion out of thin air here.

10:34 and we’re back!

Sad Simcha is Sad…

Oh good they fixed it!  Also, remember, they’ve seen these ossuaries before in 2007.

A cross was not a first century CE Christian symbol.  This is just a geometric symbol…two intersecting lines.

One of those “cross” symbols looks more like a man tied to an anchor, which we have examples of elsewhere.

10:39. Commercial Break

So far there have been lots of leaps in logic and conclusions.  No evidence for any of these claims being made.  Just a predisposition to find Christian symbols in a Jewish tomb.  So anything remotely similar to a Christian symbol, even outside normal context and lacking any Christian evidence, will suffice for these film makers.

Also, Frozen Planet looks pretty cool.

10:42, and we’re back…again!

Oh look….the non archaeologist, non academic thinks he found a Christian cross.

What is that?  A vase, a vessel, an amphora.  That is what that is.  See here:

OMG!  Did they just TILT the orientation to make it look like a fish?!  Wow, talk about forcing the data to fit a conclusion here.

It’s not a fish, its a vessel.  You have to manipulate the image to make it appear to be something other than a vase.

There are no fish in the margins.  They are ovals that Simcha and others have manipulated in images to look like fish. See here:

These aren’t scales, they are geometric designs on a vessel, see here:

Those aren’t find they are handles!

Not half a fish, but a full amphora!  See here:

10:48 Commercial break

They keep using the CGI’d image, not actual photos.

10:52 and we’re back.

Now we’re at the inscription.  For background see here:

Again, not surprising to see a resurrection language on an ossuary since an ossuary was a practice by Jews who believed in resurrections…has nothing to do with Christianity.

WHAT?!  Early followers of Jesus YAHWEH?!  Where?!

The implications are enormous…as enormous as the grandiose claims based on zero evidence.

Again the orientation is wrong!  And they keep showing the CGI’d image sideways rather than the proper orientation!

On Tabor’s silly and baseless interpretation of the inscription: Nowhere does the inscription imply that it is about Jesus.  Resurrection belief was a Jewish belief even in the first Century prior to Christianity.

More on Joseph of Arimathea!  Stop with that!

Whew…that was brutally painful to watch.

5 Responses

  1. “More on Joseph of Arimathea! Stop with that!”

    Weird. That is what I kept shouting.

  2. Thanks for the fun live blog!

  3. […] I was rather ill (blasted cold…), Bob Cargill, Mark Goodacre and Tom Verenna were having lots of fun live-blogging through The Resurrection Tomb Mystery last […]

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