An Outstanding New Resource: ORBIS!

How amazing is this?!  Stanford set up this little node which allows you to calculate the time it would take to travel ANYWHERE in the Roman world! It not only measures the faster route, and in what manner of travel, but the shortest and the cheapest.  And it calculates price!  It is an amazing resource.  here is a screen capture of my little test run:

I put in the place of departure (Rome) and the destination (Jerusalem) and calculated the cheapest method (I chose Donkey/Camel over Wagon or Passenger in Carriage) by land route only.  And here are the results!  Talk about a long trip!  Of course, you can also add additional travel information and compare them right on the screen.

Adding this to my links section!  Via Judith Weingarten from the ANE-2 List.


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