The Roundup

So I’ve been very busy lately, but I did want to throw out some recent updates and some interesting posts I’ve read this weekend.

First, I haven’t had a chance yet because of my schedule to highlight this, but my recent paper was published on Bible and Interpretation: Did Jesus Exist? The Trouble with Certainty in Historical Jesus Scholarship

It’s a PDF, so you’ll have to click through to read it.

Second, an abstract I submitted to an academic journal was accepted over the weekend.  The subject is on 11Q13 and its reception.  Now that my spring semester is over, I will be spending a good portion of the next month or so writing it but it won’t be published until January 2013 (part of a collection on apocalyptic thought).   I have stated that I plan on tackling some of Thom Stark’s arguments concerning 11Q13, but they will be addressed indirectly in this paper so unfortunately readers will have to wait.  I may vet some things on this blog, though, so be aware!

I have additional exciting news but I will hold off on saying what it is just yet.

Also, if you have not yet gone to see the Avengers, GO!  Do NOT miss your chance to watch this epic movie on the big screen.  Trust me.

You will want to read this recent post on Le Donne and academic freedom over at the Sheffield Biblical Studies blog. I also just picked up a copy of Le Donne’s book and hope to read it (and review it) soon.  I am still working on reviewing Carrier’s new book and I have some addition reviews I have been meaning to write as well.

Speaking of reviews, I am hoping to get my hands on a copy of James Crossley’s new book Jesus in an Age of Neoliberalism which is due out later this month (via Equinox).

I thought this was amusing:


One Response

  1. Enjoyed your paper on Did Jesus Exist? It was the claims to certainty that bothered me more than the shortcomings of the arguments.

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