North Carolina Bans Gay Marriage…

North Carolina voters Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a proposed amendment to the state’s constitution which limits marriage to traditional one man-one woman marriages.

With all of the state’s 100 counties reporting, the amendment won in a landslide, with 61 percent of the vote.

via NBC Politics – North Carolina approves ban on same-sex marriage by wide margin.

9 Responses

  1. No kidding. I was very sorry to hear about this. :(

  2. Ugh. So while so many in the rest of the world evolve, the majority in North Carolina prefer to stay buried in pre-enlightened days. A gay marriage is better than a miserable one, and I still don’t know of a gay marriage (or civil union) turned sour. All still gay and loving and together.

  3. This is a travesty. It irks me that those claiming to care about values and morals seem to lack them when they are needed most.

  4. My God. Repulsive. I find such arrogant hypocrisy utterly astonishing and confirmation of dishonesty. Shame.

  5. Hm? Which part?

  6. I thought that was transparent. People who claim to have moral values can simultaneously deny and ignore the right for others to be happy.

  7. Right. Sorry I was celebrating my birthday yesterday and had been a little inebriated when I wrote that. =)

  8. Happy Birthday! :)

  9. Thanks!

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