Classics Content Coming Soon

Yes, yes, I know.  You’re confused.  It is okay.  I will explain.

Since I am (finally) starting in a Classics program in the fall, I will be turning over some of the focus of this blog to the discussion of Classical civilization, Greek, and Latin.  While I will not relinquish my status as a biblioblogger (as ultimately I do hope to get into a grad program in the field of Biblical Studies or something related and since the primary goal of this blog remains the same) it would be nice to use this blog as a springboard for dialoguing through to my degree.

While I have posted on these subjects before, the focus has always been within the context of Biblical Studies or the historical Jesus.  But it is perhaps prudent of me to reflect more upon my current studies for now since I will have plenty of time in the future to apply my current skills (and the ones I am about to acquire) to the New Testament.

Thus I will probably be altering my content here slightly to reflect this new change, possibly even a new layout (okay, let’s not push it).  But these changes probably won’t be too bothersome for anyone who doesn’t have OCD.  I also have some subtle ways to refocus without destroying the original purpose of this blog; book reviews, language discussions, pulling out my hair…so chances are nothing drastic will take place here and you can continue to read this blog as though normal.  But just in case, you have been warned.


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