Cool Science Subject of the Day: MIT Discovers the Location of Memories

MIT researchers have shown, for the first time ever, that memories are stored in specific brain cells. By triggering a small cluster of neurons, the researchers were able to force the subject to recall a specific memory. By removing these neurons, the subject would lose that memory.

via MIT discovers the location of memories: Individual neurons | ExtremeTech.

This is really cool.  But I have some questions and some concerns.  How might memory contamination or corruption play into our visualizations of memories?  And if we cannot quite remember things prior to the memory being triggered, are we sure we are not inadvertently corrupting them ourselves?  Would we recognize that corruption if it occurred?

Joel Watts contemplates the possibility of ‘harvesting’ memories from recently deceased individuals, but I wonder if these possible perceptions and corruptions might undermine attempts to store them beyond our bodies, since our memories are no doubt subject to our perceptions.  Or, conversely, do these stored memories provide exact detail about the events?


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