Searching for Muses: Mermaid Skeleton Found?

In the words of Joel Watts:


I have had nearly a thousand hits today from searches like ‘Mermaid found in Bulgaria’.  Undoubtedly, people have found my blog posts on the ‘vampire’ in Bulgaria and my ousting of the Mermaid docufiction on Animal Planet.  But I was curious; what news was prompting hundreds of people to search out ‘Mermaid found in Bulgaria’.  It’s bizarre.  And here is what I found:

Image of Professor Dimitrov who is able to stand on a nearly vertical wall without falling over–quite the accomplishment!

From this link (Google Translate page of a Bulgarian news site)

Now for those of us who are not gullible, we can tell this is clearly photoshopped.  First, the ‘professor’ here is standing on the ground, but the image of the mermaid skeleton is taken from above, looking directly down at the ground.  Like this:

Worse yet, the mermaid image is one found on Worth1000 (in other words, it is a fake, like the giant skeleton image).  Here is the original:

Notice something?  Right, no professor.  It’s a fake, and a poorly done fake at that.  Let it go people.  Mermaids are mythological creatures.

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