Carpenter and Τέκτων

I was alerted by someone this morning that in a message board discussion on there is some confusion over the title of my forthcoming book.  Here is the criticism:

anyone who even states jesus was a “carpenter” looses credibility based on their failure to study what and how the word tekton is used.

And Toto was right to point out:

Luckily, no one has stated that – the title of the book is a quote from Mark.

But I’d like to clarify a point here.  The criticism Toto is responding to is an example of judging a book by its cover (or title).  In fact the reason why Thomas Thompson and I chose the title is very important to the concept of the book.  We spend a good portion of the introduction discussing the use of the word τέκτων and how it has been misused, and how that actually raises some questions about the function of our ancient texts through various socio-cultural lenses.  This then bleeds into the conversation about how we define the question of historicity in our book.  So the question of ‘τέκτων’ is a very important one for us.

However, yes, the misuse of the word is a problem, and the criticism is actually a valid one, but it doesn’t apply to our book.   I would ask everyone to be read the book before just presuming its content and attacking it (i.e., without doing the slightest bit of research as to its content).  Granted, I realize the book is expensive, but at some point it may be released in paperback at an affordable price.

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