‘Is This Not the Carpenter’ Now Available in North America

Good news everyone!  ‘Is This Not the Carpenter’ is now available in the United States and Canada.  It may be my American bias, but I’m really a bit amazed at how long the copies took to arrive from the UK seeing as how South America had received their copies long before now.  And I’m told there are quite a few books on backorder in the states, so anyone who has ordered a book and are waiting on it to arrive, I am told they will ship out today and tomorrow–this includes contributor copies and review copies which had not yet been sent.

Now, for those who aren’t aware, the book released in the middle of July.  Originally, we were told (‘we’ as in the contributors and the North American distributor ISD) that stock would arrive within 3 weeks. So we were expecting copies in by the second week of August.  Clearly, the carrier decided it was best to ship by way of sail, so we only just now received stock, a month later than anticipated.  No one can tell me precisely how this all happened, but I have my theories…

Still, this is good news.  Stock should be arriving at the major book warehouses (Amazon and Barnes and Noble) by next week and then they’ll be shipped out from there from those who ordered through those sellers.  Additionally, anyone who ordered directly from ISD will be getting their copies within a week or two as well.  And if you are still considering where to purchase your copy of the book, I highly recommend ISD.  Great customer service and they are very nice people.

So apologies to those patiently waiting for your copy.  Worry not; your copy is on the way!

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