‘Is This Not the Carpenter’ Giveaway Contest!

It is a shame I will not be at SBL this year, but for all my friends going to Chicago for the weekend (enjoy O’Hare…that festering pit of evil they call an ‘airport’) I have a little treat for you.  I have in my possession an additional hardback copy of ‘Is This Not the Carpenter?’ The Question of the Historicity of the Figure of Jesus that I am wiling to part with; so what better way than to have a little contest?

I know everyone has a busy weekend planned, but the deal is this:

  1. Head to the Equinox Publishing table at SBL and find a copy of ‘Is This Not the Carpenter’.
  2. Take a picture with you holding a copy.
  3. Attach a note as to why you think you’d like to have it and send it (and the picture) my way (email or blog or tweet–as long as I get it)!

Most interesting or entertaining picture wins a copy.   Try to keep your minds out of the gutter for this.  As part of the rules of this contest, you’re not required to write a review, but a review would be nice.

I will post all the pictures on my blog and announce the winner next weekend (by Sunday at 9PM, Nov. 25).

The book is priced at $110 so for those interested in picking up a copy but haven’t because of the price, here’s a way to get it without paying anything! Spread the word!


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