Ralph Ellis is a Liar

I have refrained from coming down too hard on Ralph Ellis personally.  I have tried to keep my arguments focused on his unsubstantiated claims.  Alas, Mr. Ellis will not stop personally attacking me; this has gone beyond libel.  Mr. Ellis has even gone so far as to lie about my credibility on his very public website.  This was sent to me today:


Aside from this little projection of Mr. Ellis’ own insecurities, Mr. Ellis knows this is a flat-out lie.  After all he has emails me directly at my rutgers.edu email address during on of his vulgar, unmedicated (I can only presume) harassment rants:


While we all know Mr. Ellis wouldn’t know solid research if it bit him in the pants, even a cursory search on the Rutgers Student Search would prove that I’m a current student:


So either Mr. Ellis is just an outrageously incompetent human being or he is a flat-out deceptive one.  I’m going with a little bit of both at this point.

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