Ralph Ellis is a Liar

I have refrained from coming down too hard on Ralph Ellis personally.  I have tried to keep my arguments focused on his unsubstantiated claims.  Alas, Mr. Ellis will not stop personally attacking me; this has gone beyond libel.  Mr. Ellis has even gone so far as to lie about my credibility on his very public website.  This was sent to me today:


Aside from this little projection of Mr. Ellis’ own insecurities, Mr. Ellis knows this is a flat-out lie.  After all he has emails me directly at my rutgers.edu email address during on of his vulgar, unmedicated (I can only presume) harassment rants:


While we all know Mr. Ellis wouldn’t know solid research if it bit him in the pants, even a cursory search on the Rutgers Student Search would prove that I’m a current student:


So either Mr. Ellis is just an outrageously incompetent human being or he is a flat-out deceptive one.  I’m going with a little bit of both at this point.

6 Responses

  1. I don’t see the point in arguing with Ralph Ellis. Who cares? Leave him be. He can think whatever he wants about your academic qualifications. He’s a crank and nobody cares about his self-published nonsense. You’re wasting valuable time and stressing yourself out over something that’s just not worth it.

  2. I think after this recent deceptive move, I’m done with him. Let him troll the interwebs. I have serious work to do.

  3. It does appear that the only people who hear this tedious little freak is his own reflection. His lies and narcissism do give the impression of a borderline personality disorder, even if he doesn’t actually have one. I can see how his attacks on you are bloody aggravating, however; don’t worry, the people who count know the truth.

  4. Heh, it’d be great if, after all that attention, I had subsequent spikes in pre-order paperback book sales. ;-) Alas, it was not to be.

  5. […] this is enough to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Ellis is both incompetent and not honest. Tom has recently shown another example of dishonesty on Ellis’ part, and the Rogue Classicist in comments on […]

  6. I wouldn’t put it past him to have made it up entirely, but on the other hand he’s probably stupid enough to have written to ask if they have a Verenna on staff – something the secretary will have dismissed immediately of course.

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