Summer has Arrived!

It is warm and sunny (not today, but most days now) and so I will not be blogging here as often.  In fact, I have been spending more time at my second blog (American History and Ancestry)–that is probably where I’ll be most of the summer. So if you want to keep up with my musings, and for a slight change of scenery, you can saunter on over to that blog and follow me there (and I recommend it).  Lots of postings already to keep the reader occupied.  I’ve been posting up daily journals from the Continental Congress, for example, and will continue to do so.  Also I’ve been tackling some political misuse of American History and those sorts of posts always generate discussion (which is welcome).  Finally, for those who enjoy doing fun things like genealogical research or venturing out to reenactments, I will be posting tons of content related to both.

Rest assured, when my Fall Semester starts, I shall return here to continue on with my real passion (ancient history).


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