Curriculum Vitae

Thomas Verenna


  • Montgomery CCC, History Concentration (Student, Freshman)
    Academic Achievements: Dean’s Commendation List
  • Northampton Community College, LS – History Concentration (Student, Sophomore)
    Academic Achievements: Dean’s Commendation List
  • Rutgers University, Classics, Greek and Latin Concentration (Student, Sophomore)

Society Memberships

  • Society of Biblical Literature (Student Membership)
  • American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR, Student Membership)
  • American Philological Association (General Membership)
  • Association of Ancient Historians (General Membership)

Lectures and Speaking Events

  • Misquoting Scripture, Given at Philadelphia, PA, 2008
  • Spoken by the Prophets, Given at New York, NY, 2008
  • Ancient History: Why Written Sources from the Past are Unreliable. Given at Bethlehem, PA; Rutgers, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; Willow Grove, PA, 2009-2010
  • History and the Media: The Art of Fabricating the Past, Given at Philadelphia, PA; Allentown, PA, 2012

Previous Positions

  • The Jesus Project (Associate Fellow, Assistant Director, Group Liaison; 2008-2009)


Minor Publications

In Preparation

  • Meme Theory: Its Place in Biblical and Classical Studies (Tentative Title)
  • Spoken by the Prophets (Academic Monograph on Intertextuality and Early Christianity)
  • Ancient History: Why Ancient Sources About the Past are Unreliable (Book for educated laypeople, students, and scholars)
  • ‘Are You Still Sleeping?’ Paul’s Epistles as Models for Markan Narrative Creation (Article for submission)
  • 11Q13, Messianic Expectations, and Reception Theory in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity (Article for Submission)
  • Memes in Ancient Literature (Article for submission)

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