Tom from Family Guy

Yes, they are starting registration for Family Guy Online, a new online web-browser-based game set in the world of Family Guy!  And while I’d never play (it would ruin the series for me), I did rush over to the site to register so I could create my own Family Guy facsimile of me!   And I think everyone in the biblioblogosphere should rush over to create their own!  Here is me:

Calvin and Hobbes: Living Life

Calvin and Hobbes on Due Dates and Assignments

How I Feel Right Now…

Calvin on Mondays

Veni! Vidi! Veterni!

(I don’t think the Latin on this works the way it is translated, however…)

Some Calvin and Hobbes to Brighten Your Monday

This one reminds me so much of my younger days,… oh the principals office.  That, and how relevant is this to the current situation with the pledge?

Calvin and Hobbes

This is often how I thought about the world when I was 6.

Calvin and Hobbes

This is how most people still see the world (unfortunately):

Calvin and Hobbes

How I feel most Monday mornings:

Calvin and Hobbes

How Jim West feels today:

Calvin and Hobbes

True story:

Calvin and Hobbes

Election Day issues:

Calvin and Hobbes

My feelings about the modern public/private school system for grades 1-12:

Calvin and Hobbes

Self explanatory:

Calvin and Hobbes


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