Calvin on Christmas Eve Dinner


This Holiday Season


Calvin on Happiness and Ignorance

Quite relevant to today’s political crises:

Calvin and Hobbs on Clay Molding

I wonder if god had this problem.  Do you think that Satan was there saying, ‘smock smock, smock, smock…’?  What is funny is that I can see Jim West doing this.

Calvin on the Use of ‘BC’

Calvin and Hobbes on Death

Calvin, as usual, raises an interesting point about death.  Hobbes, in his own subtle manner, offers his own philosophical perspective–not on death–on life.    Some of us walk through life without a desire to engage it, to interact with it.  For those people, the point of living is as meaningless as Calvin’s understanding of death.  But for those of us who wish to interact with our own universe, with our self-concept, with life, we can best appreciate the world which Hobbes here is portraying.  And it might just be true: those of us who see now value in death will see no value in life, regardless as to how one might try to explain it.  The point of death, aside from it being a vital part of life, is that it makes out lives mean more.  The rarest gift is the most precious; what is more rare than living a fulfilled life?  What that might mean for you, of course, is different from what it means to me.  And that is the beauty of it.

Jim West’s Anti-Depravity, Anti-Dilettante Suit

A True Statement…

Calvin on Perspective

I often find myself thinking this exact same thing.

Calvin: Going to School in the Snow

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