Transforming History: Transformers Movie Changes Moon Landing

Popular media is both History’s best friend and biggest enemy; I tend to feel that movie editors are what make it such a controversial instrument in communicating the past.  Whether Mel Gibson is rewriting the Biblical narrative or Roman and Jewish cultural history, or Michael Bay is radically altering details about the moon landing, directors and editors who care nothing about preserving the past will work diligently to produce sound bites over facts–because they know people will listen to them.  This article over at collectSPACE is quite interesting.  Here is the conclusion:

At one point, the trailer describes the lunar mission as “a secret hidden for 40 years.” The real secret — alien robot spacecraft aside — is that the Apollo 11 mission as it was recreated in Transformers: Dark of the Moon was different in key ways from the real mission that made history four decades ago.

Will Bay, who shot scenes at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida and Johnson Space Center in Houston, further transform space history when the film is released in July 2011? Time will tell if more than meets the eye.

via collectSPACE – news – “‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ film trailer transforms Apollo history”.

Now, cue those silly conspiracy theorists who believe that there are ruins/space ships on the moon and that NASA really did discover them.

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