Neil deGrasse Tyson Sets the Record Straight

I’m so happy about this video, I can’t really express it.   This is precisely what I have been saying for a while now.  I’m glad to see someone held in such high esteem saying the exact same thing.    Watch the video and then scroll down.

Now here is what is happening.  In response to this video, atheists are feeling betrayed.  Well, you know what?  He wasn’t yours to claim, so there is no reason for the feeling of betrayal.  Frankly, this is no different than when Christians try to claim the founding fathers, or when certain atheist groups misquote one of them.  There are agendas at play and I think Tyson is 100% correct.

He wants to avoid those agendas.  And frankly so do I.  And so do a lot of people.  And he is correct that certain terms are conversation stoppers or, conversely, can add on baggage to a conversation that doesn’t need to be there.  Frankly, I like the time ‘humanist’ to describe what I am.  It’s a positive term and it best describes me.  If someone asks me if I believe in a God I answer honestly, that I don’t have a definitive answer and it doesn’t interest me.  I have interests elsewhere.  And Tyson has interests elsewhere.  And that should be okay.

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