Terrorism: Why Don’t We Just Call it What it is?

A group of men take over passenger aircraft and ram them into buildings.  Another group of men kidnap people and hold them, some issue death threats, some attempt to assassinate someone.  Some people are killed by another group of men over their views on certain subjects.  Others occupy large areas of land that does not belong to them and shoot innocent civilians who only want their land back.  Most of these men are highly irritable, well-armed, and the will to do whatever it takes to inflict fear and terror in people.  All of these groups have something in common and it has nothing to do with religion.  It has to do with their goals.

Christian, Muslim, Israeli, Palestinian, American, Pakistani, whatever title you go by, if you commit an act meant to harm others while inspiring fear and terror, you are a terrorist.  Let us please call it what it is.  Why do we feel the need to cloud the issue by ignoring the acts of such depravity with labels which have nothing at all to do with the people committing the crime?  It is time we stopped calling all Muslims terrorists.  It is time to remember that Christians and Israelis are just as guilty of acts which can be considered ‘terrorist’.

As Bill Hamby highlights on his recent blog:

  • 1993: Operation Rescue, a Christian organization, got one of the targets on its “Wanted Posters.”  Dr. David Gunn is dead because of Christian terrorists.
  • 1994: Dr. John Britton and James Barrett became victims of Christian terrorist Reverend Paul Jennings Hill.
  • 1994: Shannon Lowney and Lee Ann Nichols were killed by Christian terrorist John Salvi.
  • 1996-98: Christian Terrorist Eric Rudolph killed at least two and injured more than 150 in a series of bombings, including Atlanta’s Olympic Centennial Park.
  • 1998: Christian terrorist James Kopp killed at least one and went on a series of anti-abortion shooting sprees, both in the U.S. and Canada.
  • 2009: Christian terrorist Scott Roeder killed Dr. George Tiller in Kansas.

These are just a few notable examples.  In total, there have been 17 attempted murders, 383 death threats, 153 incidents of assault or battery, and 3 kidnappings in America committed by Christian terrorists over the issue of abortion alone.

And more recently, Tea-Party advocate and conservative-Christian Anders Behring Breivik killed over 60 people, including teenagers.

But Hamby might be wrong; these aren’t really ‘Christian terrorists’.  They are just terrorists.  Plain and simple.  After all, we can’t call the Columbine massacre shooters ‘Heavy-Metal Rock terrorists’, we don’t call Jared Loughner a ‘political terrorist’.  They were just terrorists.  We should attempt to find the motives for these attrocities, if only to recognize the signs and plan accordingly.  But we shouldn’t seek to include labels that signify religion, race, or belief.  In truth, anyone can be a terrorist.  All they need is the will to committ violence against others, be mentally unstable, have a conviction that they are right, and the mentality that ‘if you’re not with me you’re against me.’  Race, religion, birthplace, or political viewpoint don’t play into it.  A crazy person with a gun is a crazy person with a gun.

All of this religious and political labeling does nothing but raise agendas, force division amongst us, and quite literally, lets the terrorists win.  So if you don’t want to let the terrorists win, stop buying into that same sort of delusional rhetoric they spout.


Airport Stops Germany-Bound Suspected Bomb

Apparently these suspected terrorists order their bombs from Acme:

BERLIN — Police found a suitcase containing a suspected bomb at an African airport in luggage bound for Germany, officials said.

The security alert came just a day after officials warned that terrorists were planning an attack on German soil in November .

The Air Berlin flight from Namibia’s capital Windhoek to Munich was delayed after police found an “unlabeled” suitcase in the luggage hall, German authorities told NBC News on Thursday.

Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office said a scan showed batteries attached by wires to a fuse and a clock. Security officials told NBC News in Germany that they were in the process of assessing whether the device was “a fake bomb” or could have actually detonated.

via Airport stops Germany-bound suspected bomb – World news – Africa – msnbc.com.

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