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So. True. It makes me want to cry.



The Alternate History Channel – GraphJam: Music and Pop Culture in Charts and Graphs. Let us explain them..

UFO Community Links Recent Bird Deaths to Aliens

Ugh, seriously?  If it’s not the dilettantes who pretend to care about the Bible it’s the crazy alien conspiracy people.

In what’s viewed as a scene from a horror movie, both birds and other wildlife are dying on a massive scale from Beebee, Arkansas, to central Oregon coast beaches and beyond; while the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) points to alien technology as interfering with bird migration patterns and other factors as UFO visits become more prominent in the new year.

Birds along Oregon coast staying grounded

MUFON’s “UFO community” has been sending out guidance to investigators of the mysterious bird and wildlife animal deaths. One popular theory among UFO experts is a “cloaking device,” used to make alien spacecraft invisible, as possibly causing the birds in Arkansas and other areas to fly into it and die as birds often do when encountering aircraft flying at vast speeds.

Because UFO sightings are often over bodies of water, such as the Arkansas River, MUFON believes the dead drum fish that’s been reported in the hundreds of thousands may be linked to exposure to UFO craft and lights.

“There’s been regular UFO sightings south of Beebee in Minden, Louisiana. The object spotted was an orb or disc that was pulsing colors and eventually disappeared. The object’s relationship to what’s been happening in BeeBee is not yet known,” stats a MUFON official.

via UFO community links recent bird, wildlife deaths to alien technol….

I’m disappointed in humanity.  Listen, people, it’s not god or aliens or secret hidden technology.  It’s just birds dying and some fish dying; it’s not an invasion, a research project, or a mark of the end of the world.  Simmer down.

Aliens on a Mission to Destroy Earth in 2012? Nope.

Although, apparently, some 2012 conspiracy theorists would have you believe they were.  Thankfully, some people on the interwebs have been dissolving these rumors and setting people on the correct path (that is, the path with the most amount of supporting evidence).

If you repeat UFO fiction often enough, does it eventually get reported as fact? Yes … especially if you add in a 2012 doomsday angle and some dodgy astronomical imagery. Fortunately, an Internet truth squad finally knocked down this alien invasion.

Claims that we’re about to be visited by alien spaceships are generally a dime a dozen (or a quatloo a dozen?), but for some reason one particular urban legend about “Giant Spaceships Heading Towards Earth” kept itself alive for more than a year, mostly by metastasizing on UFO forums. From the very beginning, the reports pointed to three eerie blue-green shapes on Sky-Map.org’s archived imagery from the Digitized Sky Survey. “Trust me you will be very amazed. I WAS FOR SURE!!!!” one commenter wrote in February.

via Cosmic Log – Alien invaders vs. the truth squad.

I know that James McGrath was anticipating the arrival of the alien fleet, finally thinking he would meet some ET’s, alas it looks like he will have to wait a bit longer.  In other news, I’m still really excited about the arrival of aliens–of a Steven Spielberg variety.

Falling Skies?

This looks good!  h/t to Joel Watts for the heads up!


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